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Our Story

Adapted from practices used on the production line of a clean room packaging operation, Sanify USA implements a sanitization process proven to eliminate 99.999% of 9 tested pathogens within seconds. Our thorough yet efficient sanitization process is scalable to any workspace environment, including those which contain food contact surfaces, and is scheduled around your facility’s immediate needs and availability.

Born out of Dynamic 3PL’s background of over 20 years in the supply chain industry and MZN Management Group’s executive recruiting base, including major manufacturing clients, Sanify USA is committed to unparalleled, transparent and adaptable client support. Headquartered in the Greater Chicagoland area, Sanify USA is strategically located in proximity to heavy metropolitan industry and central to America’s heartland.


Our Mission

Our mission is to unite the country around a shared peace of mind that employees and customers are entitled to enter a facility that has taken every precaution to sanitize and disinfect its business environment. Sanify USA’s service aims not only to minimize the threat, but also to eliminate the tensity of everyday business interactions, instilling confidence in workers, managers, and customers alike.

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