New Normal. New Rules. New Exposures. At Sanify USA, we understand the pressure businesses are under to conform to all the new issues being presented daily. Our mission is to effectively and efficiently take over the ever present and demanding task of ensuring that our clients’ companies are properly sanitized and disinfected. Sanify USA’s goal is to partner with businesses to ensure peace of mind for employees and customers alike. Our sanitization service aims not only to minimize the current threat associated with COVID-19 but, by taking over the disinfection process, to maximize the amount of time our clients have to spend on getting back to business. 


At Sanify USA, we shoulder the task of sanitization and disinfection, and we do it by putting ourselves in the shoes of your employees and your customers. If washing our hands were enough to combat the spread of this new virus, there would be no need to also decontaminate our work environments. Be that as it may, in addition to consistently following the Centers for Disease Control’s updated mandates, our services include:

  • Use of EPA-approved against COVID-19 solution
  • Kills 99.999% of 9 tested pathogens as a food contact surface sanitizer
  • 60 second kill on food contact surfaces, including rubber gloves
  • 10 second kill on non-food contact surfaces, including rubber footwear
  • 70% alcohol formula
  • Ready to use, no rinse required
  • Leaves no unsightly residue
  • NSF listed, Kosher, Pareve, Halal