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New Recommendations. New Guidelines. New Updates. At Sanify USA, we make staying up to date on the newest COVID-19 sanitization and disinfection recommendations our top priority. Included among the leaders whose guidelines we follow are the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As the recommendations from these agencies are ever-changing, our mission is and always has been a proactive one rather than a reactive one.

As we move forward during this time of flux, we likewise recommend that our clients, their employees and their customers stay equally attentive to updated health recommendations. Though there will undoubtably be instances where Sanify USA will be called upon to sanitize and disinfect reactively or based on an outbreak, we implore businesses to proactively take preventative measures.

For the most updated information as to how businesses and home owners can proactively prepare their work and home spaces, please visit the CDC and OSHA. Further, the EPA has recommended that common areas be sanitized using EPA-registered solutions. Sanify USA adheres to the EPA’s recommendations for solutions used during the decontamination process.  Lastly, be sure to visit the CDC’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) section for more general information on symptoms.