Stay Informed

In conjunction with the sanitization and disinfection of our clients’ work environments, Sanify USA supports the Centers for Disease Control in its mission to encourage individuals to follow, at a minimum, the below suggestions for minimizing exposure to COVID-19:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Environmental Protection Agency

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Get it Straight

Are the products we are applying food contact safe?

Sanify USA uses chemicals that are food contact safe and not food contact safe. Our technicians are trained to use the proper chemicals for the proper areas.

What types of chemicals are we using?

Sanify USA uses disinfectants. Disinfectants are chemical liquids that destroy bacteria.

How long after application can you go into the facility?

Sanify USA recommends that you wait at least 30 minutes before going into the facility. Though the disinfectants we are using are safe to the general public, the quantity that we are applying is greater than what would normally be applied and there may be remnants of it left in the air.

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